In May 2021, the Ijevan wine - brandy factory became our new partner. We delivered a strategy for Ijevan in order to ensure brand recognition and raise the reputation of the factory, work on brand development, and organize advertising campaigns.

We are engaged in the promotion of the social pages, we are doing branding and rebranding of the Ijevan wine-brandy factory products, the design of new labels and packaging, we carry out banner advertising, we ensure the organization and participation in festivals, events, award ceremonies.

For Ijevan, we implemented the entire branding of new products: Coffee, Apricot brandies and the brandy dedicated to the factory's 70th anniversary, as well the Areni, U: Unicorn and R: Phoenix wines as well. We also carry out thematic photo shoots and engage in the production of films and videos. We also present the Ijevan wine and brandy factory with TV and radio advertisements.