"Martin Star" company was founded in 2007. The company initially engaged in the production and sale of sunflower seeds, then began to produce potato chips of various flavors, compotes, juices, etc.

In 2022, the "Martin Star" company presented itself to its consumers with another new brand, starting the production of black and 3-in-1 coffees.

Ot Martina coffee has a unique aroma and attractive taste. Fragrant and delicious coffees provide the best start to the day, fill breaks with freshness and become an integral part of warm evenings.

Martin Star Ice Creams

From 2021, the "Martin Star" company started the production of a new and different product, milk ice cream. "Martin Star" company presented itself with a wide variety of ice creams.

Ot Martina ice creams are the favorite and preferred ice creams of every sweet lover. Ice creams with all kinds of combinations: crispy wafers and peanuts, chocolate glaze, cookies and strawberries.Sweet, flavorful and cooling ice creams create warm and unforgettable feelings, making children happy and adults childish.

Martin Star Beers

"Martin" beer is produced on the basis of Beloglin water, which is known for its crystal purity and beneficial properties: for this reason, Martin beers differ in taste and quality. The "Martin Star" company presents itself to the consumer with several types of beers: Light Zolotistoye, Light Yantarnoye, Classicskoye Yantarnoye, Dark Classicskoye, Dark Barkhatnoye.

Martin beers are the best choice for lovers of this drink to enjoy friendly matches, watch favorite football matches and have a pleasant time with family and relatives.

Martin Star Chips and Popcorn

"Martin Star" company is involved in the production of potato chips of various flavors and types, crispy breadcrumbs, classic and caramel flavored popcorn, sweet corn sticks, etc.

Friendly meetings, warm family conversations, watching a favorite movie are accompanied by the company of Ot Martina chips, sticks and popcorn.

To lighten up busy working days and enjoy your favorite weekend, Ot Martina tasty products are truly a must.